ISBN 1-889658-35-9


original trade paper

Ages 9 and up

5¼ ” x 7½”

82 pages

It's spring, 1778, and 12 year old Dickie Lovell wants adventure. Colonel George Rogers Clark comes to town recruiting men to join him in protecting settlers in Kentucky. Dickie runs away from home and signs on as Clark's drummer boy, not knowing that Clark is on a secret mission to attack and defeat the British on the Western Frontier! Over the next few months, Dickie witnesses some of the greatest events of the American Revolution. He is there when Clark makes peace with hundreds of Indian tribes. He follows Clark across 200 miles of frozen-flooded wilderness to attack the British troops in the dead of winter. He finds new friends, family, and an understanding of what it means to be an American.

“A children’s book about George Rogers Clark is long overdue. This is a great addition to any book collection on great American heroes.”

- Shelley Adams, Program Director, Historic Locust Grove, Inc.

The Drummer Boy

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